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Jan 14, 2019
Bias cutting machine for garment textiles
Usage and Features:
This machine is mainly designed for composite fabric, which adopts Euro-America design concept. Its max cutting thickness can reach 75mm after absorption and general cutting length is 2000mm
1.Support many kinds of formats, direct open general dress design format, typesetting software
2.The unique algorithm and motion control technology , realized seamless between straight line and arc
3.High cutting accuracy, self -design of automatic sharp pen cutter, high quality of cutter makes life longer
4.No need print out, save the typesetting, with high repeated utilization, plate-making management is convenient
5.Easy to change the spare the spare part, and lower cost
6.Nice automation, easy to operate

Technical parameters:
Model number: XH-XC-142
Cutting area: 2200X2500mm (can be customized)
Cutting thickness: Max 75mm (can be customized)
Max cutting speed: 60m/min
Cutting accuracy: ≤±1mm
Power: 16-25KW
Cutting style: Straight knife continuous up-down cutting
Software: automatic cutting system copyright
Sharpen way: double gear derogatory method
Air pressure supply: 7KPS
Cutting materials: garment / cloth / textile / leather
Machine power: AC380V / 50HZ
Please kindly note: Above is our standard parameter, we can customize machine according to client's requirement. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

It is widely used in shoes, cushion, sofa mattress, car interior, package and label making, ball making, and other industries.

Our machine picture:
Our workshop picture:
Application picture:
We attend the exhibition, customers visit and goods loading picture:
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