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  1. Thorgal

    StoneBlock: Server Information

    Updated Chicken Rule: Every ISLAND can have up to 120 roosts and no more then 10 of one type. Every ISLAND can have up to 10 Roost breeders
  2. Thorgal

    Revelation server information, extra rules, and banned items.

    Is there a need for villagers?
  3. Thorgal

    Khaos to the Max!

    How did you even count all those movies? Or do you have them all on 8mm, VHS, DVD, and now BlueRay in your living room?
  4. Thorgal

    Update for the server
  5. Thorgal

    Update for the server

    The update is quite new and we usually give it at least a week before updating our servers to new version (even if they are marked as released) to give other more time to post bugs they found and the modpack creator having a chance to fix those bugs and release revisions.
  6. Thorgal

    Astral Sorcery on the server and how to get started

    I always hated how Astral Sorcery just spams their temples all over the overworld, so I disabled it when setting up the server. I thought just giving everyone a floating crystal in their starting inventory would be enough, but I just found out that you would still have to link it to a vanilla...
  7. Thorgal

    It'sa Me MARIO...

    I don't know what this mean, probably because I am old and don't know any of the crazy abbreviations that are used nowadays in the interwebs :)
  8. Thorgal

    Crazy Swede in da house!

    Have you finished the latest story line in FFXIV before you started your break? If not, then your mind will be blown once you do :p And what are "BMD's"? Are those these dogs?
  9. Thorgal

    Revelation server information, extra rules, and banned items.

    I'll look in to it as it should not be banned. It should be fixed now, please let me know if you can place the generator now.
  10. Thorgal

    Revelation server information, extra rules, and banned items.

    Server Information: Worldborder: 5000 blocks radius Nether portal creation disabled; please use the Nether portal at spawn Villages, Overworld End Fortresses, Astral Sorcery Structures, Tinkers Islands, Roots structures, and AE2 meteors all disabled in the overworld. You can find Tinkers...
  11. Thorgal

    Revelation server information, extra rules, and banned items.

    Our second modded Minecraft server opens its doors today - FTB Revelation! This server, and my vision for its future, differs vastly from the StoneBlock server that we've opened a few weeks back. I simply don't want this sever to be a typical server where many new people join just to rush to...
  12. Thorgal

    love minecraft

    Yo, I know you! :)
  13. Thorgal

    How to add mods to a modpack on the Twitch launcher

    Open the Twitch launcher and go to your Minecraft modpacks. Click on the modpack you want to add the mod to: Then on the top right click on the three dots "..." and select "Profile Options": Uncheck the "Locked" option and then click on "Okay": Then click on "Get More Content": Then...
  14. Thorgal

    StoneBlock: Server Information

    StoneBlock updated to version 1.0.25 - Sponge and plugins removed - FTBUtilities enabled again - Mining Dimension reset because the Aroma Mining dimension generation was changed by the modpack creator - Added 3 server side mods - Added 1 server/client side mod (ItemBlacklist) During the update...
  15. Thorgal

    You can call me Techno, or Jock, either works.

    Oh wow, I just googled when Elvis died. I was also born when he was still alive. Now I feel old, thanks for that ;)
  16. Thorgal

    Let's talk about our Minecraft servers (and future)

    So now that we've had our first public server since the restart of FTOG and have gotten a lot of feedback from the community, I wanted to spend a few paragraphs about the future of our Minecraft servers and give you an opportunity to chime in and let me hear your thoughts about it all. The Good...
  17. Thorgal

    Just someone that plays games

    hey, i know that guy!
  18. Thorgal

    StoneBlock: Server Information

    New Chicken Rule: Every ISLAND can have one full "Roost" per 10/10/10 type of chicken. Every ISLAND can have up to 10 Chicken Breeder setups. These setups need to be removed once or disabled after you are done with breeding your chickens. Look at below reply for new chicken rules. You are not...
  19. Thorgal

    StoneBlock: Server Information

    Added: Island Removals: Players that have not logged on in over 14 days to the server will have their islands removed. If you plan on taking a break due to personal reasons (work trip, vacation, hospital stays, etc) but know you will return after a few weeks can let Thorgal know about it and...
  20. Thorgal

    StoneBlock: Server Information

    All Mekanism Item transport pipes are now banned and the recipes have been removed. If Fluid or Energy pipes are becoming a problem they will be banned as well. Bottom line, just stay away from Mekanism pipes. And for people with a lot of grass land, start setting up Dread Lamps because there...