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Let's talk about our Minecraft servers (and future)

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So now that we've had our first public server since the restart of FTOG and have gotten a lot of feedback from the community, I wanted to spend a few paragraphs about the future of our Minecraft servers and give you an opportunity to chime in and let me hear your thoughts about it all.

The Good Things:

I am really happy to say that the majority of feedback I have received from the community - either privately or publicly in Discord - especially when there was downtime, or we had to make changes, add rules, or ban items, was always well received and most of you expressed your understanding. It is always nice to see when you all are patience when we are trying to fix an issue on the live server and sometimes have to restart a few times in a row or turn on the whitelist so we can investigate without constant logins and logouts.

I am also happy to see that many questions people have, even if asked for staff, is often answered by the community. Same for when someone...

Our newest server is open for you to join!

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This is our first in many new servers to come for the FTOG Community, and I just wanted to hype it a bit on our websites front page. Make sure you know our new Community Rules that apply to all our servers (MC, ARK, etc) and media (Discord, Forums, etc):

And to get all the info on how to join the server, read this post:

Welcome back to the FTOG website

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A lot of thing have happened in and around FTOG and the Minecraft community over the past many months, and due to personal reasons, it has taken me much longer to open the doors and setup new servers for the community, but today is the day that our doors are opening again! I look forward to many posts and new servers over the next few weeks, and I hope to gather lots of feedback from you on the forums, in Discord, as well as on our various upcoming servers.

While you are part of the FTOG community, make sure you familiarize yourself with our new Community Rules ( which apply to all areas, media, and servers used by FTOG.

Our first new community server is a Minecraft StoneBlock server that is open to the public as of this post. Head on over to this post ( to get all the information about it.

Here are a few more links you might find interesting:
  • FTOG Discord...