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    The Nuts and Bolts Torqued server is our newest gray-list community server. We invite everyone to play on it and have fun with everyone in FTOG, but to ensure that the server stays stable and is fun for everyone we must abide to certain rules, and these rules will be strictly enforced and if you don't follow them you will get banned from playing on the server.

    General Server Rules
    • No Griefing
    • You are responsible to claim via FTB Utilities your base, farms, and other areas that you use.
      • If you give anyone else access to your claim via Teams, Allies, or Friends, it is your responsibility if those people destroy or take your stuff. We will not reimburse or enforce this type of griefing because you granted them access to your claims.
    • No Spamming
    • No Advertising
    • Chat is PG, absolutely no cussing, profanity, or alluding of profanity. Yes, this includes 'WTF.'
    • No Trolling or Flaming
    • Do not ask for OP, Ranks, or Items
    • Respect all Players
    • No Racist or Sexist Remarks
    • No politics in chat
    • Do not use extra mods that are not in the default modpack. Optifine and Schematica are the only exception.
    • No Full Caps Messages
    • Do not leave any 1x1 Towers or other Nerd poles
    • No weather or time changing machines
    • No quarries or automatic mining in the Overworld, Nether or End
    • No drop parties of any kind
    • Do not knowingly destroy server performance
      • Be mindful of mods, blocks, and actions that ruin TPS
      • It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date and to learn vicariously through the #ftog-server-mustread Discord chat; If there are setups or blocks that we found that are causing server lag and mention it in Discord, there is no excuse for you not knowing about it.
    • You are responsible for your account!
      • If your account breaks the rules, you will be held accountable
      • There is zero tolerance for someone else using your account
    Additional Rules
    • You are not allowed to build within 30 chunks of spawn in the Overworld.
    • You need to leave a minimum of 10 chunks between player claims. So when you find a location you want to setup your base, before you start claiming the area make sure that there will be a minimum of 10 chunks between your base and other people claims left.
    • Do not trap your Nether Portals. If you want to "lock" your Nether Portal then you need to leave a minimum of 1 block radius free around the portal so when people happen to link up with your portal they have a chance to /home from that location.
    • Aroma Mining Dimension, The Nether, and The End will be reset every 1st and 15th of the month.
    • No power generation in the Nether, the End, or RFTools dimensions.
    • No trading or selling of any items that are not Minecraft Vanilla with the exception of Wither Skulls and Nether Stars. This means you are allowed to trade or sell for example: Iron Ingots, Wooden Planks, Diamonds, and anything else that is Vanilla Minecraft, but not Wither Skeleton Skulls or Nether Stars. Absolutely no trading of any modded items, power, or anything else.
    • You are only allowed to have ONE of ONE TYPE of automatic mining setup on the server. This means you are only allowed to have ONE ore void miner and ore resource miner - OR - ONE quantum quarry - OR - ONE laser drill - OR - ONE of any other automatic mining setup or any type.
    • You are not allowed to mix different types of cables, conduits, or other wires without having an inventory or battery between them. This will be strictly enforced and setups found that don't adhere to this rule will be destroyed without warning even if they don't cause any problems.
    • You are not allowed to setup any form of automatic trading setups.
    • The RFTools clearing quarry card recipe has been disabled. The quarry cards cost more power then the builder can hold, so they will never break any blocks. This restriction has been put in place so we know when people put down the builder in the Overworld they can't use it for anything but build structures via the shape card.
    • You are only allowed to craft and have one RFTools dimension per player.
    • No farms or arrays of any kind with more then 10 of the same type. Example: No wind power arrays with more then 10 wind turbines in total (no matter what mod they are from).
    • Any kind of automation or farming setups need to be overflow proof. You should always have your setups automated so they auto-shut-off when their inventory is full or void all excess. Always think of XP Orbs, Mob Drops, Saplings, Quarry resources, and anything else. Be smart and just void all excess and we'll never have a problem.
    • Max Big/Extreme Reactor size you are allowed to build (one per player) is 15x15x15 and it needs to be built within the same chunk as well as the battery/capacitor and redstone controls. Max amount of Big/Extreme Reactor turbines per player is 4 and needs to be within the same chunk (you can have 4 turbines in 4 different chunks or 2 in 2 or 4 in 1).
    Here is how you can join the server
    • You need to have an account on this website.
    • You need to join our Discord server here:
    • You need to apply to be whitelisted in the #whitelist-applications discord chat with the following information: Server you want to be whitelisted on, your website account name and your Minecraft account name
      "Hello everyone! My name is Thorgal and I am from Germany. I would like to play with you all on the Nuts and Bolts Torque server. My forum name is Thorgal and my Minecraft IGN is ftog_thorgal."
    • Once one of the staff read your request, we will then check multiple websites for prior bans on other servers and if there hasn't been any we will whitelist you and send you the address for the server.
    • Please be patient because our staff are all volunteers and it might take some time to get to your request.
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    I don't completely understand the following rules and have some questions.
    Sorry if these are stupid questions but English isn't my first language (and I don't understand it as good as I would like).

    If I delete my RFTools dimension, can I make a new one? I would still only have one dimension but I would need to craft more than one.

    Can I have for example 10 vanilla furnaces plus 10 iron furnaces plus 10 Ender IO Alloy Smelters or overall 10 "machines" that can smelt things like a furnace? As I understand, we can't have 10 Immersive Engineering wind turbines plus 10 Mekanism wind turbines, right? Or can we have them if they are not in the same location?
    I don't think we have the Immersive Engineering version yet but could I have more than 10 Garden Cloches if they have different plants?
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    These rules are per player and per type of machine. So 10 furnaces of any type per person.

    I hope people are going to be careful because I've been hearing a lot of these questions of people in teams. These limitations are put in place to keep our server lag free and if I see people abusing or stretching them and start causing lag then they will be removed from the whitelist.
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    I haven't looked at all the mods yet, but after seeing a couple of videos but seeing the spawn area it seems like a lot of time and love was put together :3 :p Can't wait to play.

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