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  1. sam
    Always believe in your self
  2. bstock
    Discord: Ahri
  3. kodeman412
    kodeman412 ftog_thorgal
    if you don't mind me asking whats the discord code i just found out about yours and groks channel to day and i want to figure out how to join the modern skyblock server
    1. kodeman412
      nvm... i just saw the join our discord on the front of the loading menu thing mic bob IDK any more lol well thx any ways :)
      Jan 7, 2018
  4. Clunky
    OG Dumb ass
  5. matthewh33
    hey how is everyone doing. im doing good hope to see u all online
  6. WiViW
    Could you carry a Grok in a bucket?
  7. smoothc
    How many ducks can you carry in a bucket?
  8. Grok the DuckFarmer
  9. WiViW
    Getting ready to build a new computer!
  10. ftog_thorgal
    #hype for new website design!
  11. Glitch
    Glitch Daktal
    Thanks man. All is well. Playing games and having fun. Hope you are good.
  12. Unnoen
    Occasionally I do things.
  13. Daktal
    Daktal Glitch
    Hey man, was thinking of you the other day. Wanted to say hi and hope things are going good for you and your brother.
    1. Glitch
      Things are wonderful! No complaints. Playing games and hanging out as usual. Back at the gym now as climbing season starts soon. How are you?
      Sep 26, 2017
    2. Daktal
      No complaints either. Still going to school, which is going well. Still gaming when I can. Evilin asked me to say hello as well. I'd like to pop in a game some time and say hi - I miss the halcyon days of minecraft and the good company. Good to hear from you Mikey, take care.
      Oct 15, 2017
    3. Glitch
      Well, you know me. I am on almost every day and have quite the huge variety of games I play. Stop in any time. Usually I am on FTOG discord ( or because sometimes I don't want to be an administrator, here in my private space ( Feel free to stop by and say hello.
      Oct 16, 2017
  14. CzłowiekSuchar
    Where my biscuit
  15. N00bcak
  16. RevLejon
    excited to support the ftog boys even more
  17. dragon87tamer
    Looking forward to joining
  18. RyuFive
    just joined, lets play some modded minecraft
  19. Revette0082
    So how do I get on
  20. Dille
    hey hey my first post :)