I just wanted you all to know that we've added a new page that explains some of the frequently used terms we use in the FTOG community.

You can check it out here: http://ftog.net/pages/glossary/

I created "Friends Through Online Gaming" back in 2008 when a lot of the people that I used to play with in WoW started quitting, and I wanted to have a place where we could stay in touch throughout the years no matter what games we all ended up playing.

Over the years, people I met in many other games joined and the community grew slowly bigger. In 2012 the community stagnated and wasn't used for much more than a few core members to stay in touch. The FTOG website and community was then reborn in 2014 when a few people that met through Minecraft, as well as YouTube, needed a place to get together to plan servers and recordings.

Forward to today, we have almost 1,200 members on the website, 447 members on Discord, and 360 people whitelisted on our latest Minecraft server. This is quite a large gaming community, and I am very proud of how large we have grown in the past two years, and I am happy to have every one of you be part of it.

So, now that I've given you a bit of our past, it is time to start talking about the future of FTOG. Glitch has taken the first step with his post to get information from everyone, and after reading all the replies and talking with many of you in Discord, we've come up with some changes and ideas on how we can become better, more organized, and also more efficient in terms of administration.

FTOG Servers and Whitelists

The main problem we keep running into with our whitelisted modded Minecraft servers is that after an average of about two months we are starting to lag a lot due to chunkloading, automations, and just normal symptoms that happen on all modded servers with a high population.

We want to keep a few servers publicly available, or new players don't really have a chance to play with the community and get to know us, and us them. We also need to have other servers available for active members that have been around a long time, have proven that they can read and abide with the server rules,...
Good afternoon FTOG,

I wanted to take a moment and discuss servers with you as well as thoughts toward FTOG.

As you all know FTOG, presently and in the past has tried to maintain a public server presence. We query the FTOG members and establish a public server based on the results of the poll. After the server is up, it runs well for a while. Then, sadly because “Minecraft” it all starts to fall to lag. Many people who don’t understand programming will say it is the server itself not keeping up. While the ones in the “know” realizes it is all about processing and java, let me put the server concern to bed. Here is our specs:

Intel Xeon (duel) E5 1650
128 GB RAM
4 TB SATA (for backup)
1 GB NIC running with dedicated 400 up and down
Running Ubuntu

The reason the packs get laggy is the players. No one is doing anything wrong. We are all playing as intended with modded Minecraft, but as more players get further in the pack and start using more of the mods, the server suffers performance issues. Some of this is Minecraft, some of it is Forge, and some of it is poorly designed or coded mods. There is little we can do as admins to prevent this.

I bring this up because as administrators, we are always trying to find ways to bring the community together. Wether it be servers, discord, events or just chatting. Recently we have had many discussions about the community and I felt it was a good time to bring a very important question to you all. What does FTOG mean to you? We all have an idea about a gaming community. A place for friends to meet and play games with each other. A place to relax after a long day of real life. My vision of FTOG is servers to play on, different games to play, and a place to hang out with my friends. What I have seen, is a few people sharing that vision and many many more coming to play on a server, getting bored and leaving discord, never to be heard of again.

So I poise the question again. What is...
So after many months of procrastinating on my end, I've finally started remodelling our website. So far I have updated the look of our website and tweaked many of the settings to make navigating the website hopefully easier and quicker for everyone. I also added a blog type front page where we can display forum posts that have been promoted to articles.


When browsing longer posts, there is now a quick jump navigation that will stick to the top of your screen which lets your browser posts easier.


There are many new features planned for our website and I hope you are all excited about the changes so far.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems with our website, especially the mobile version as there are so many devices out there that it is impossible for me to test them on everyone of them :)
In case you haven't been following us on social media (https://twitter.com/ftog and https://www.facebook.com/ftog.net) and missed that we've been working on a new #secretproject, here are some teaser screenshots :)

Just a beautiful farm.

I'd go for a swim in this pond, wouldn't you?

Just too cute :)

We are trying to decorate every block possible.

Cozy little bridge.

Chill space in the middle of town.

Rail yard of the lumber mill.

The gods are watching you!

Hope you are as excited as we are and can't wait to see what this #secretproject is all about!